Walter Werzowa


Austrian-born Walter Werzowa knew from the day he was born, that one day he would live in the USA. While others tended to sand castles in kindergarten, Walter chased unique sounds and archived them on a 1/4″ tape recorder. Werzowa received a degree in Contemporary Electronic Music from the University of Vienna and studied Classical Guitar at the Vienna Conservatory and Architecture at the Universität Wien. He programmed sounds for Falco before his own band, Edelweiss, which received numerous gold and platinum awards for their international hit “Bring Me Edelweiss”. He emigrated to the United States and completed USC’s post-graduate program for Film and Television Scoring. Walter created, most notably, the Intel audio signature and worked with Steven Spielberg on Minority Report. Walter earned a Masters in Psychology in 2016. He built three internationally acclaimed companies: MusikVergnuegen Inc, Music Beyond, and recently HealthTunes™