Thorsten Rohde

Managing Director @ Rohde Acoustics GmbH

Thorsten Rohde is Managing Director of „Rohde Acoustics GmbH“ and co-founder of “Amadeus Acoustics OG”. He was born in 1962 in Hamburg.

He has been a proven specialist in the field of acoustics in Austria for more than 20 years. Before studying electrical engineering (sound engineer) at the Technical University of Graz, he completed an apprenticeship as a sound engineer in the renowned film and recording studio “Studio Funk KG” in Hamburg. While studying in Graz, he was a freelancer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) as a sound engineer and editor.

After successfully completing his studies, he was an employee of Siemens AG in Munich. His responsibilities included project planning, sales and project management for sound engineering systems.

Back in Graz, he passed the proficiency test for the operation of his own engineering office in the field of electrical engineering and acoustics.

His teaching activity at the Technical University of Graz includes the “sound studio equipment” and seminar “room acoustics and audio electronics” as well as the support of various sound engineering projects in the field of acoustics. At the Music University in Vienna (MdW) he teaches acoustics for sound engineers.

In March 2018 Amadeus Acoustics OG was founded together with 2 colleagues. The focus of the new company is the development and distribution of active room acoustics systems.

Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Rohde is a court-certified expert in acoustics and noise prevention.