Thomas Foster

CEO & Founder @ AI Sounds

Thomas Foster – the producer
Thomas Foster is a music producer from Salzburg. Together with his partner Peter Kent he founded the Salzburg company Foster Kent, which is specialised in the production of musical packaging elements (jingles, station IDs etc.) for radio and TV stations. In 2012, he built the electronic instrument NYX, which to date, remains unique as only one exists worldwide. With his band Ivotion he brought it regularly on stage the last years.

Foster Kent – the company
Foster Kent is an Austria-based music production company that specializes in creating audio designs and music imaging. Since the company was founded in 1989, Foster Kent has worked for a large number of public and private broadcasting corporations, including ARD, NDR, ORF and WDR, as well as Gazprom-Media, RTL, Emmis Communications and CBS Radio. In addition, the company develops brand audio for global brands like Porsche and Red Bull.

In 2007, after years of experience working with more than 100 broadcasters worldwide, Foster Kent started to develop Motionmixes – The Audio Control Software. What began as a simple idea soon became a challenge. What if we could transform music to match content – LIVE in real time? What if we could create a tool that unleashes the full potential of music and make it so easy to use that EVERYONE can do it – live and ON THE AIR?

Today, Foster Kent is proud to present the latest version of their groundbreaking software solution, Motionmixes, which is already on the air at leading radio stations in major markets like Berlin, Moscow and New York.

Ivotion – the band
The name suggests it: Someone here loves technology. But Ivotion is more than the modern style of the iPod generation. Cool, yeah. Technophilia, yeah. But also a lot of emotion and devotion to the music.
Ivotion is a unique combination – an audio-visual experience!

A voice as filigree and powerful as that of singer Ariane Roth can be offered by very few bands. Most acts would be overwhelmed with Tom Huber’s eight-string acoustic baritone guitar. And when it comes to Thomas Foster’s exotic instruments, Ivotion is unique. Because Cyberhandschuh, Tenori and NYX prove simply but clearly: Ivotion is different.

And anyone who thinks of electronic music from the can is quite wrong. Ivotion brings the sound live to the stage. Whether from the guitar, cello (Ariane Roth) or the innovative multi-touchscreen instrument NYX. There are no ready-made loops or demos in the Ivotion program. Instead, there is one element that electronic music usually lacks: Room for improvisation.

Even more unusual is the Ivotion experience through the collaboration with the visual artist Markos Aristides Kern – better known worldwide as Mar-K.os. Not a musical band member, the founder of Visualdrugstore is the unofficial fourth part of Ivotion. With his spectacular light performances, he gives the unique and impressive sound worlds of Ivotion an additional dimension that is unparalleled. Mar-K.os provides inspiration and creative input, not only on stage.

The band from Munich and Salzburg stages music for the ears and for the eyes and successfully swims against all trends and constraints. Music for the sake of music. Brave and creative. Across genres and resistant to pigeonhole thinking. Completely new music concepts that convey emotion and creativity.