Nina Sofie Berghammer

Musical multi-talent @ Mozarteum Salzburg

Hi there, I’m Nina-Sofie !

I’m 13 years of age and reside in Linz, Upper Austria. Of course I’m attending school and soon I’ll be in the 3 grade of Gymnasium.

With this homepage I want to share with you what I love the most, besides my family of course – and that’s one thing: my music.
So let me take you on a little trip through what I’ve done so far.

I started playing the violin when I was 3, the piano with 5 and 2 years ago I took up marimba as well. I do that in a band and solo.
I don’t want to settle on one musical genre, therefore I play whatever I feel like. Music from all decades really, even pop music or minimal music with the loopstation. You can find some excerpts of my wide array of music on this very homepage, just go ahead and click your way through.
I love life to be colorful and diverse, that’s why I like to wear dissimilar shoes as well!

Some people might think I’m shy but get blown away when they see me performing on stage. At least that is what they say. To be honest, whenever I’m playing my violin, sit behind the piano or give the marimba a go I feel super comfortable with or without audience. No shyness at all.

I look up to David Garret, Aleksey Igudesman and Anne-Sophie Mutter and hope to be as renowned as they are one day. I also dream of playing the really big stages and of course hope that one day my dreams will become true.
I rely on awesome teachers: Marcus Wall of music-school city Linz Both contributed to my success and are indeed very supportive. They helped me win many competitions, awards and exceptional prices. I was even able to play big stages already. You’ll find a list of said awards and stages on my homepage as well.
Starting fall 2016 I’m going to attend Universität Mozarteum Salzburg under the supervision of O.Univ.Prof. Paul Roczak as an early student. I’m super excited about that!
My older sister Lisa-Maria Berghammer does in fact help me out with piano, loopstation and composition. This does in fact mean a lot to me.

Now please be my guest and click your way through this very homepage. I sincerely hope you like what you see and hear. Have fun!

Yours, Nina-Sofie Berghammer

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