Mathis Nitschke

Composer / Director / Sound designer @ Sofilab

Mathis Nitschke is an artist who combines different disciplines. Already during his studies of classical guitar, visual arts and music composition, Mathis began to experiment with film and sound and since then has combined these elements with live theatre and opera. During the recent years, he added programming to his toolbox to be able to work on interactive projects by himself.

Integrating smartphones and headphones as an integral part of todays public life, Nitschke created an interactive audio tour for promenaders at the Munich river Isar: “Vergehen” (“Passing”, 2016), an opera which one has to walk. It lets the real world interact sonically with the virtual world.

In October 2017, “MAYA” had its premiere: a Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera in which central questions of post-humanity have been discussed. In the ruins of the heating plant Munich-Aubing, Nitschke created a virtual cosmos parallel to the real world, on the basis of sound, music, augmented reality technology and digital art, in which the audience could move freely.

Before these interactive endeavors, commissioned by the National Opera Montpellier, Mathis Nitschke created the Grand Operas “Jetzt” (2012) and “Happy Happy“ (2014) together with his long-time collaborator light designer and director Urs Schönebaum. “Jetzt” earned a nomination for ‘premier of the year’ in the Opernwelt yearbook 2013.

Currently he creates a GPS-controlled immersive orchestra experience for the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, letting the user explore the sound within the orchestra as a virtual walk-in installation on a green field.

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