Kim Arazi

Kim Arazi


After many years spent at the forefront of tech and innovation creating large international events to connect corporates to the startup world, Kim felt that technology for the most part was being designed to disconnect us and make us less, rather than more human.

It was the observation of this collective ‘numbness’ that inspired her to start innosensi, a sensory innovation lab that fuels creativity and innovation through multisensory experiences designed to help us connect back to ourselves, each other and the environment, using principles from neuro- and behavioral sciences.

Innosensi experiences, which mainly take place around a dining table, aim to break down barriers, challenge assumptions, face our fears and make us more mindful about our behaviours. Kim has presented her multisensory dining experiences at events around the globe, including London Food Tech Week, the House of Beautiful Business and the UN Climate Change Conference to name a few.

In responses to the current situation of physical distancing we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, Kim decided to bring the concept of eating together around a table to the virtual world and will be launching The Virtual Table, a collaboration between innosensi, MindCheck and OMIOMI, at this year’s Karajan Music Tech Online Conference