Jens Ponke

Co-founder & program director @ At The B-Sites

Jens Ponke is co-founder and program director of the headphone concert series “At The B-Sites” in Cologne. Since 2013 ATBS has organized more than 30 “Silent Concerts” and 20 “Silent Movies” at secret locations in the middle of Cologne and also started the world’s first „Silent Festival“ inviting international established artists and newcomers.

„Silent“ describes the fact of no public amplification of the sound. Everything can solely be heard at an individually preferred volume via wireless headphones provided by the promoter.

Being experienced in productional, technical and cultural issues the team of At The B-Sites created a new sphere of experiencing live music with surprisingly beneficial effects on artists and audience and even cultural-political gains especially in inner-city areas. Silent concerts have the potential to bring live music, movie screenings or readings back from industrial areas in the suburbs to plazas and parks and therefore shape the cultural face of a city without disturbing those who chose not to be involved.

Jens Ponke has lived and worked in Cologne for 20 years. He has been promoting multiple cultural and nightlife events mostly in his home town. Together with friends, he’s also running the multi-concept venue „Die Wohngemeinschaft“ (“Living Community”) – a bar, hostel, creative-space and a tiny live club in Cologne’s creative heart, The Belgian Quarter.