Billy Andrews


The American singer, composer and producer Billy Andrews has been the person behind the established project The Dark Tenor for five years as a bridge-builder between classical music, pop and rock. Inspired by Operas, Billy built a mystical masked aura around him and thus lured fans of classical music as well as rock and pop lovers into the concert halls; the third album “Symphony of Ghosts” additionally develops a form of avant-garde mainstream. In 2019 the artist dropped the mask becoming more personal and authentic. With the now announced EP trilogy starting in April 2020, The Dark Tenor dedicates himself to three of the greatest classical composers in the world: Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. “Ludwig – A Beethoven Story By Billy Andrews” will be released on April 17, 2020 – celebrating the 250 year jubilee of the Beethoven Year in 2020. Once again Billy weaves world-famous classical melodies with contemporary pop and rock music, creating a completely new and impressive genre. The EP was produced by Rob Wells who is known for producing Acts such as Justin Bieber, The Backstreet Boys, Selena Gomez and their alikes.

“With my music, I want to show the World that Classical Music was and will always be a badass genre. Many of these genres Melodies have been around for a long time. They are evergreen around the planet and their composers were the Rockers, Poppers and Punkers of their time.”

With more than 200 000 albums sold (gold status) The Dark Tenor is one of the most successful artists in his genre and has been a Live player since day one of his Dark Tenor career in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Billy Andrews’ goal is to give every listener – whether a classical music fan or rock/pop concert goer – access to world-famous classical themes with the vibe of contemporary pop music and the sound of the present, and to build a bridge between the still elitist world of classical music and the vibrant youth culture. Epic concerts, impressive stage shows, but also beautiful and intimate moments make every show a once in a lifetime experience. The Dark Tenor is breaking new ground by integrating 3D printing processes for classical instruments, LED technology and artificial intelligence. After all, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach were basically just the Robbie Williams and David Garretts of their time.