Andreas Spechtler

Founder & CEO @ Silicon Castles

Since 1992, Andreas Spechtler is active in the international technology business, 25 years experience in technology, licensing business, digital entertainment, international marketing, sales and support, international business development and operations in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Latam and US. He looks back to many years of startup experience and incubation inside global corporations.

Andreas worked for German, Japanese (Sony) and American companies (Dolby, RealNetworks) and started-up Truck24, his first company in 1999 in Munich.

Andreas has worked more than 10 years at Sony in various management functions including managing director of Sony NetServices, the incubation lab of Sony Europe (based in Salzburg with offices in  Berlin and London). One key product was StreamMan, the first mobile music streaming service (similar to Spotify) launched 2004 in Finland with TeliaSonera on 3G, afterwards marketed by the Vodafone Group as RadioDJ.

The last seven years Andreas was leading the international business of Dolby Laboratories as President Dolby International (based Amsterdam and London), with the end of December 2016, he was leaving the corporate world to focus only on investing in creativity, innovation and startups. Working for Dolby he was spending approx. 2 months per year in San Francisco and Silicon Valley where he has built up a great network.

Since January 2017 Andreas is leading his own new initiative SILICON CASTLES. The Silicon Castles GmbH is accelerating Innovation and operates as Strategic Business Accelerator that invests in IP rich startups with a focus on licensing models.