Christian Dreyer: Techno-fatalist

Last week, we asked you whether the world was doomed or on its path to glory. There, we defined ourselves as being techno-optimists. We got a respond from our friend Christian Dreyer, owner of DREYER Ventures & Management

“Slightly different than you, I am a techno-fatalist. I believe technological progress and AI is inevitable, progressively accelerating, and increasingly life-changing. Technology will be developed without consideration whether people like it or not. Lawmakers may delay progress, but cannot block it permanently. So, optimism or pessimism is not the question. The sole challenge is how to cope!

100 years from now, nothing will resemble our present world. I doubt we will still be living in carbon-based bodies; at the minimum, these will be massively enhanced by built-in technology. In the long term, I doubt the earth will be our home. Eventually, we will have to move to space to survive.

In spite of all, audio experience will continue to exist, as an emotional experience, even if it is not transported by air any more (instead probably directly by cable or Wifi to the brain). So, the Karajan Music Tech can survive any technological disruption, including AI, short of self destruction.”

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